• Moving data from on-premise to S3
  • Features
  • Secure
  • Temper Resistant
  • KMS 256 Encryption
  • Charge per data transfer job
  • Snowball tracking can be done using SNS (Text Message) and AWS Console


  • Request a snowball
  • Install snowball clients to server
  • Connect snowball with server
  • Copy files from server to snowball
  • Ship back to the device

Snowball Edge

  • Snowball Edge has the computational capability
  • Two types
  • Storage optimized
  • Compute Optimized (Can be with GPU)
  • Supports EC2 AMI so it can perform processing on go
  • Supports Lambda Function
  • Use cases
  • Data Migration
  • Image Collection
  • IoT Capture
  • Machine Learning


  • A truck
  • Use to transfer exabytes of data


  • Snowball can only transfer data back and forth with S3
  • To transfer data from/to Glacier, first need to use S3. Then Life Cycle Policy can be used to transfer to/from Glacier.