Manual Deploy

We can deploy code to elastic beanstalk by zip file or war file. We can define the format(zip/war) by a config file from .elasticbeanstalk/config.yml

To deploy we can simply use the eb deploy.

Deployment Modes

Types of deployment modes:

  • All at once
  • All instances will be updated at a time
  • There's a downtime during this types of deployment
  • Rolling
  • Update couple of instances
  • When first cluster of instances are healthy, move to the next instances
  • Rolling with additional batches
  • Similar to rolling, but spins up a new set of instance
  • So the previous instances are there until new instances are healthy
  • For roll back, this is slower than Blue/Green
  • Immutable
  • Spins up new instances in new ASG
  • When new instances are healthy, move all previous instances
  • Blue/Green
  • A new environment will be deployed
  • A partial percentage of the traffic will route first
  • If the new environment goes right, all traffic will go to new env and previous instances will be removed

Traffic Splitting (Canary) vs Blue/Green

  • Canary use ASG to split traffic, Blue/Green use Route53 to split traffic
  • Canary is automated wherase the Blue/Green is lot of manual processing

Blue/Green vs Rolling with additional batches

  • Rolling with additional batches require new set of instances while blue/green on create new environment on existing instance
  • Rolling with additional batches is time consuming for spinning up new instances