Disaster Recovery Strategies

  • 4 types of Disaster Recovery Strategies
  • Backup and Restore
  • Pilot Light
  • Warm Standby
  • Hot Site / Multi Site Approach

Backup And Restore

  • Data and applications backup is taken time to time
  • When Disaster happen, restore these data and spin the application
  • Has very high RPO and RTO and comparatively cheaper

Pilot Light

  • Application most critical part is always standby in other places
  • In case of Disaster, add the non-critical part
  • Not whole system is standby, only critical part is standby

Warm Standby

  • Minimum version of the whole system is standby

Hot Site / Multi Site Approach

  • Whole system is standby in another az or region or from op-premise to aws-cloud
  • Most expensive one