Storage Gateway

  • Bridge between AWS S3 and On-Premise data center
  • 3 types of storage gateway
  • File Gateway
  • Volume Gateway
  • Tape Gateway

File Gateway

  • Use for File Access
  • Use for NFS and SMB protocol
  • Can be mounted on many servers
  • Bucket access is done by IAM role in the File Gateway
  • Most recent data is being cached
  • Hardware Appliance
  • File gateway needs virtualization
  • Alternative can be Hardware Appliance
  • Use when small data center does not have virtualization capability

Volume Gateway

  • Use for Volumes and Block Storage
  • Use for iSCSI protocol
  • Backed by EBS Snapshot
  • Two types of Volume Gateway
  • Cached Volume
    • Low latency for the recent data
  • Stored Volumes
    • All data are in the on-premise
    • Schedule backup from on premise to S3

Tape Gateway

  • Backup process use Physical Tape
  • Backup with iSCSI Protocol
  • Use VTL (Virtual Tape Library)
  • Allow archive data to Glacier directly from the on-premise

Misc Notes

  • When we need low latency data access, use Storage Gateway Stored Volumes, it keeps all data in on-premise data center and make backup to cloud time basis
  • In Storage Gateway Cached Volumes, only recent data are cached in the on-premise center