• Its an OLAP i.e. Online Analytics Processing based on PostgreSQL
  • Columnar Storage
  • MPP i.e. Massively Parallel Query
  • Pay as instance provisioned
  • For long term consider using Reserved Instance
  • Has SQL interface to perform query
  • BI tools are integrated with it
  • AWS Quicksight
  • Tableau
  • Data can be loaded from
  • S3
  • DynamoDB
  • DMS
  • It can have nodes number from 1 to 128
  • Each node can contain 160GB data
  • Two types of node

  • Leader Node, do the planning and results aggregation

  • Compute Node, perform queries and send results to the leader

  • Using VPC Enhanced Routing, Redshift Clusters can be access through the AWS Private Network

Snapshot and DR

  • Snapshots are
  • Point in time backup of a cluster
  • Snapshots are stored in S3
  • Snapshots are incremental, on changes are saved
  • Snapshots can be restored to a new cluster
  • Snapshots can be copied to another AWS Region
  • Manual snapshot does not delete automatically
  • Automatic snapshot has an automatic retention period (35 days)
  • Monitor performance of Redshift Cluster by Cloudwatch and AWS Trusted Advisor
  • Can be enabled cross-region snapshots for Redshift Cluster

Redshift Spectrum

  • Direct query to S3 without loading
  • Must have a Cluster available to start the query
  • Query is submitted to thousands of Redshift Spectrum Nodes

Best Practices

  • To load data from S3 use the COPY command