SAM Properties

  1. Transform: Use to specify the SAM version. Also, this key indicate, this is a SAM template and need to be transformed to the CloudFormation.
  2. Mappings: A literal for mapping keys and associated values, can be later used in parameters, tables lookup or condition
  3. Parameters: Used to refer values, can be passed during the runtime of the template
  4. Format Version: The cloudformation template version, to which the SAM template will be transformed

SAM Resources Types

  • AWS::Serverless::Application: Use to define nested application
  • AWS::Serverless::Function: Use to define Lambda function
  • AWS::Serverless::LayerVersion: Use to define Lambda layer version (Runtime/library)
  • AWS::Serverless::API: Use to define Api Gateway
  • AWS::Serverless::HttpApi:
  • AWS::Serverless::SimpleTable: Use to define DynamoDB Table
  • AWS::Serverless::StateMachine