• Default time out for a lambda function is 5 minutes
  • Can be extend the time to 15 minutes


Lambda memory start from 128MB and then 64MB of increments.


The more memory we add to the lambda function, the more CPU we will get. At 1792MB ram, we will get a full CPU. After memory of 1792, we will have more than 1 CPU, and to utilize the CPU, we should make use of the multi-threading.

For CPU bound application, we need to increase RAM.

Execution Context

Execution context is the application run time used to maintain for a small amount of time. If we define some task outside of the function, like db connection, sdk client initialization etc, these will be persisted and can be used in other functions. We can store some files in /tmp directory and these will be available in the execution context. Maximum size of the /tmp directory will be 512 MB.

Lambda Layers

A zip archive, used to store additional code, packages, runtime other than the original function. Can have maximum 5 layers. Along with the functions, total size of functions is limited (50MB compressed or 250MB un-compressed).

We can use layers to reduce the each time deployment time.