DynamoDB Performance

Getting Write Consumed Capacity

When there is an operation of Put, Update, Delete in the DynamoDB, it consumes some of the write capacity. We can get these consumed capacity as the response of the operation.

To get the consumed write capacity, after an operation is being completed, we can make use of the following properties,

Avoid Hot Partitioning

A hot partition occurs when an individual partition is being accessed more frequently from application downstream. To reduce the hot partitioning, we can,

Caching with DAX is expensive and Distribute Read And Write Operations Evenly Across the Table needs to refactor the whole application.

In this case, the easiest and quickest solution is Increase Read and Write Capacity of Table and Implement Error Retries and Exponential Back-off.


DynamoDB provide all-or-nothing types operation with TransactWriteItems and TransactGetItems.

With TransactWriteItems, we can do a batch of 25 items within same account, region and multiple tables. We can perform the followings,

  1. Put
  2. Update
  3. Delete
  4. ConditionCheck

Best Practices