Code Artifact

  • Storing and retrieving dependencies are artifact management
  • Artifact management in AWS
  • Integrated with common dependency management tools, like Maven, Gradle, NPM, Yarn, pip, NuGet etc.
  • Developers and CodeBuild can directly retrieve dependencies from the CodeArtifact
  • Can be used as proxy
  • First developer/codeBuild ask the dependency to CodeArtifact
  • If it's not available in CodeArtifact cache, then it fetch from third party dependency management tools and serve the CodeBuild or Developers. Also, cache the dependencies.
  • CodeArtifact can send event to EventBridge, allows pass the events to Lambda, SNS, SQS, triggering pipeline etc.
  • Access to other account
  • Allow all code artifacts or none. It does not allow specific or some artifacts
  • Use resource based policy to allow other accounts

Upstream Repositories [TBD]

  • Can have up to upstream repositories
  • Can have maximum 1 external connection