Global Accelerator

  • Discussed in the VPC section


  • When we have an Application in another region, we have to reach that application through lots of ISP Provider
  • When EC2 has a Public IP and some regions having difficulties with this Public IP access
  • Since AWS Accelerator is using Any Cast, this problem can be resolved

UniCast and Any Cast IP

  • Uni Cast IP means each server has one IP
  • Any Cast Ip means
  • Multiple server has same IP
  • Traffic routed to nearest server
  • AWS Global Accelerator uses the Any Cast IP concept


  • Use 2 Any Cast IP
  • Leverage AWS Internal Network
  • Any Cast IP send traffic to the nearest AWS Edge Location
  • From the Edge Location, traffic goes to the server using AWS Internal Network
  • Works with
  • Elastic IP
  • Public/Private EC2 Instance
  • Public/Private ALB
  • Public/Private NLB
  • Performance
  • User intelligent routing to ensure lowest latency
  • Use Internal AWS Network
  • Has health check
    • If issue with an application, has automatic failover feature
    • So good for disaster recovery
  • Security
  • Only 2 IP needs to be white listed
  • DDoS Protection by AWS Shield

Global Accelerator Vs Cloudfront

  • Both use AWS Global Network i.e. Edge Locations
  • Both use Shield for DDoS protection


  • Cache Content

Global Accelerator

  • Improve performance for TCL and UDP
  • Has Failover