Data Retrieval

AWS allows two types of archive in s3 for long time data persisting.

  1. AWS Glacier
  2. AWS Glacier Deep Archive

AWS Glacier

  • 4 Types of Data Retrieval
  • Vault Lock
    • Used for long term record retention
    • AWS Glacier allows to lock the storage with various compliance control
  • Expedited Retrieval
    • Data can be retrieved withing 1-5 minutes
    • Comparatively quick retrieval for urgent need
  • Bulk Retrieval
    • Retrieve data withing 5-12 hours
    • Lowest cost
    • Used to retrieved large amount of data with lowest cost
  • Standard Retrieval
    • Data is retrieved within few hours 3-5 hours
  • Minimum storage charge 90 days duration
  • To transfer object object from S3 Glacier to S3 Regular Class
  • First need to restore the objects
  • Then copy to the S3 Regular Class
  • S3 Regular Class means not the Glacier / Deep Archive
  • Provisioned Capacity allows to use Expedited Retrieval whenever necessary

AWS Glacier Deep Archive

  • Standard - 12 hours
  • Bulk - 48 hours
  • Minimum storage charge 180 days duration