We can integrate the cloudwatch logs at the stage levels and ApI basis. With X-Ray, the full picture of the api-gateway and lambda can be displayed

Cloudwatch Metrics:

  • CacheHitCount the more the better caching mechanism, (Number of request served from the cache)
  • CacheMissCount the less the better caching mechanism (Number of requests served from the backend)
  • Count Total number of API request at a certain time frame
  • IntegrationLatency Time frame of sending request to lambda and getting response from lambda
  • Latency Time to receive request in API Gateway and sending response from API Gateway


Two types of logging

  • API Logging
  • Typical logs, log streams, log groups
  • Access Logging
  • Can monitor lambda authorizer
  • Who accessed
  • How accessed


Two types of latency

  • Latency: Time between receive a request from client and response back
  • Integration Latency: Time between api-gateway to lambda request and response from lambda to api-gateway